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Our Services

Fortini Earthmoving run a fleet of very specialised machinery to handle all the categories listed below. We can provide our clients with the plant and people required to deliver a comprehensive service. Fortini run a specialized fleet of bulk and trimming tractor-towed scraper buckets/scoops, we also run graders, water carts, dozers, excavators and compactors. At Fortini Earthmoving we pride ourselves on safety and continuously work on developing a good work culture with our business and our clients.

Civil Infrastructure / Mining / Agriculture

  • Subdivisions

  • Roads
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Wet/Dry Hire
  • Cubic Meter Rates
  • Landfill Capping
  • Topsoil Remediation
  • Clay Liner Installation
  • Wall Rectifications
  • Project Management
  • Topsoil strip
  • Over burden strip
  • Tailings Dams Lifts
  • Farm Levelling
  • Dam Building
  • Cotton Paddocks Construction

Oil and Gas

Fortini Earthmoving utilise specialized machinery to allow the safe delivery of Oil and Gas projects, we understand the challenges faced by our clients in the oil and gas space and pride ourselves on our safety record and safety culture in our business.

Using low ground pressure low center gravity machinery, we can repair damaged pond wall embankments with no risk of rollers.

Fortini Earthmoving use leveling buckets to provide a low cost, safe, effect means of topsoil remediation to outer pound embankments that require cosmetic remediation.  Fortini Earthmoving continue to improve our safety and quality systems to provide a one stop shop for our clients.

  • Clearing and Grubbing

  • Topsoil stripping
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Road Construction
  • Pad Construction

  • Dam Construction
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Remediation

Plant Hire

Fortini Earthmoving have an extensive list of modern plant and attachments to suit all your project requirements. All of our plant and equipment is meticulously maintained and all our operators are experienced.
  • Tractors with bulking buckets in tandem or triples to smaller scoops and ploughs
  • Versatile DeltaTrak 620 tractors perfect in sandy and soft conditions
  • Graders 120M & 160M (16ft blade) and dozers D8T and D6T with full tilt and angle blade and GPS
  • Compactor 815K with tilt blade and GPS
  • Water Truck 15kl with full spray setup
  • Excavators – 16T JCB & 25T CAT with GPS
  • Bobcat 299D Cat with various attachments
  • Combo Bobcat – 5T Excavator & truck perfect for small projects
  • Truck & Quad Dog for cartage
  • Machinery transport available with our truck & Floats
  • Service truck for onsite refueling and servicing requirements